BBC Radio London – Dr Nerina Ramlakhan on technology

“Many of us, myself included, dip in and out of this love affair with technology, but we have come to a place where people are starting to look at their relationship with technology and the habits they have gotten in to, starting to think “Is this what we want? Is this healthy?”‘

“I recently conducted a survey in a school with over 500 children and found that over 95% of them have mobile phones and tablets, over 40% of them are struggling to sleep at night and many of them are going to bed with their devices. There are certainly things that we need to start looking at in terms of our relationship with technology”

“We are relatively new to our relationship with technology, the first true generation of portable technology users and I think we are still finding our way. I think it is amazing that technology has offered us the possibility to communicate with one another around the globe in the comfort of our on home but I am starting to see, from the Nightingale Hospital Technology Addiction clinic is that we do need to examine our use of technology and the boundaries that we must establish…”

The complete broadcast can be found here


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