Mindfulness helps patients learn how to pay moment-to-moment attention to themselves and their surroundings without judgment.

How does Mindfulness treatment help?

Often when we are stressed, depressed or struggling in life with sadness, pain or any other difficulty, we can feel out of control and unable to put our situation into perspective. Mindfulness treatment aims to help individuals:

  • Use their awareness to deal more effectively with stress
  • Choose their reactions as opposed to being enslaved to them
  • Develop breathing and meditation techniques to find a stable centre
  • Connect with a place of inner calm in the midst of  pressure
  • Develop clarity and focus when they feel overwhelmed
  • Improve self esteem
  • Improve relationships with others
  • Develop an increased sense of aliveness and energy
  • Learn to accept and let go of what they cannot      change
  • Improve health and wellbeing

What happens in Mindfulness?

When we bring Mindfulness into our lives, we develop the ability to notice when we have engaged in critical and judgmental thinking and learn how to use the breath and body as a safe haven to anchor us to the present moment. This shift in awareness and attitude can enable us to respond to problems with renewed focus, wisdom and confidence.

Mindfulness at Nightingale Hospital London

At Nightingale Hospital Mindfulness can be accessed as part of an outpatient, day patient or inpatient programme here in London. To understand the most suitable for your needs and personal circumstances our team would welcome your call.

We have a number of Mindfulness Therapists with a breadth of experience to match your individual situation. We establish successful patient/therapist partnerships and achieve the most effective therapeutic relationship due to this extensive expertise. We will take the time to understand your problem and individual needs.

Is Mindfulness treatment right for you?

Mindfulness has supported many individuals suffering from the mental health conditions below and NICE guidelines support the use of mindfulness as part of the treatment for those suffering with depression.

However if Mindfulness doesn’t sound right for you and your family please remember there are other therapy treatments we offer that may be more suitable for you. If you need advice on Mindfulness Treatment or Mindfulness Therapists we would welcome your call so you feel secure in the decisions you make.

Please contact us confidentially on 020 7535 7700 24 hours a day.