The Daily Mail – 15th September 2016 – Why Are Modern Women So Aggressive?

Stories of professional women drinking themselves into ill health, trying to keep up with male colleagues are well documented. But they are now matching men on the aggression front, too, putting themselves in physical danger – risking their good name, career prospects and relationships. In 1957, men were responsible for 11 violent offences for every one perpetrated by a woman – today, that is four to one.

Indeed, earlier this month it was reported that Oxford-educated Jocelyn Robson, a company director, 40, etched the word ‘c***’ in capital letters on two of her former boyfriends’ cars after they broke up. Last month BBC presenter Jeremy Vine released footage of a woman – smartly dressed and driving a top-of-the-range car down one of London’s most expensive streets – who swore at him to ‘get the f*** off the road’ and allegedly kicked his bicycle.

Research has also found that women are significantly more likely to be verbally and physically aggressive to men than vice versa – something physicians are seeing more of in their clinics. ‘We are treating more women than ever who are struggling to regulate their emotions and express themselves appropriately,’ says Dr Monica Cain, a counselling psychologist at London’s Nightingale Hospital.

Some experts suggest women believe that such outward displays of aggression allow them to seize the initiative from traditionally dominant men. Whether it’s in the workplace or around the dining table, shouting, swearing or throwing things are increasingly viewed as valid methods for women to assert themselves.

‘There is a perception that women have to have the perfect home, raise children and have a career that’s fulfilling and brings in an enviable lifestyle and income,’ says Dr Cain. ‘We are driving ourselves to the limit and a build-up of internal pressure over time can lead to us getting very frustrated over issues that would normally cause no more than a niggle.’

Such outbursts can also become addictive, a form of almost animalistic release. The burden mounts, tension builds and the almost exquisite joy of letting it all out becomes almost compulsive for some women…

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