Zoe Starnawski, Therapist

Dr Zoe Starnawski

Counselling Psychologist, General Psychiatry

Professional Qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  1. Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Practitioner Psychologist
  2. British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Psychologist
  3. Full Member of the Division of Counselling Psychology
  4. Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
  5. Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology
  6. Conversion Diploma in Psychology
  7. Graduate Diploma Psychological Studies
  8. Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and History

My professional experience:

I am experienced in helping people with various psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, social anxiety, stress, OCD, bereavement, trauma, relationship difficulties, work-related issues, self-esteem and personal development. I have experience providing short and long term therapy.

Although my main practice at the Nightingale is working individually with adults, I have experience working across different age groups, including older adults and children and have some experience working with families and helping to facilitate therapy groups.  I have worked providing individual psychological therapy in private practice as well as in various NHS settings, including a specialist women’s health service, a secondary and tertiary level psychological service and GP surgeries.  I have also worked for a charitable school-based service providing long term individual therapy to young children.

My personal statement:

My aim is to work collaboratively with clients, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for them to be able to gain a greater understanding of their difficulties to empower them to be able to make positive changes in their lives.

As a counselling psychologist, I see each client as being a unique individual and I tailor treatment to meet the needs of each client. I work intergratively, drawing upon a variety of evidence-based therapeutic models. Whilst I predominately work using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach, I also integrate other models including mindfulness, psychodynamic, person-centred and schema approaches according to a client’s individual needs.

Working in London, I have experience working with diverse populations and a range of cultures and have worked with young children, adults, and older adults within the NHS, private and charitable sectors.

Additional information about my research, publications and interests:

I am currently undertaking EMDR training as I am interested in being able to apply this therapy to help clients who are suffering from trauma, as well as other difficulties, such as anxiety and depression.

I am also interested in applying mindfulness to help clients who may be struggling with stress, depression and anxiety.  I have attended a’ teaching mindfulness to clients’ course, as well as a Buddhist meditation course to help to understand both the theory and practice of mindfulness and meditation.

My doctoral research looked at couple relationships and women’s health issues, specifically heterosexual couples’ experiences of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This topic stemmed from an interest and curiosity of the impact of difficulties, such as stress and illness on couple relationships.

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