Professor Hubert Lacey, Eating Disorder Consultant Psychiatrist

Professor Hubert Lacey

Eating Disorder Consultant Psychiatrist

My professional qualifications:

  •  MB ChB
  • MD with commendation
  • MPhil
  • FRCPsych

My professional experience:

I graduated from the University of St Andrews (MB ChB); of University of Dundee (MD with commendation) and from the University of London (MPhil).

I am currently a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of London and Professor Emeritus, St George’s, University Of London. I am the Director of Newbridge Healthcare Systems in Birmingham.

I am also Chairman of the European Council on Eating Disorders and a Patron of and have over 140 publications in learned journals on Anorexia, Bulimia, obesity and psychosomatic illness’.

My personal statement:

I have two outpatient treatment programmes for Bulimia Nervosa at the Nightingale Hospital; one based on CBT and the other on a mixed behavioural and interpretive (dynamic) therapies, the efficacy of which have been tested and published. I have also introduced a treatment for chronic anorexia nervosa using specific supportive clinical management and the results are in press. I approach the treatment of anorexia using a two-step programme, one a brief emergency treatment and the other a full recovery programme.

I have also established a systematized outpatient treatment for anorexia which is used either for active recovery or for maintenance. I believe wholeheartedly in manualising treatments and testing the efficacy and cost-effectiveness in peer-reviewed trials to achieve the best results for my patients. My dedication and diligence has given me the skills required to develop eating disorder service treatment programmes for the National Health Service; defining multi-impulsive behaviours in Bulimia and developing effective treatment programmes for it.

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