Jan O'Mahony Capio Nightingale Psychodynamic Therapist

Jan O’Mahony

Psychodynamic Therapist

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

BSc.  MBACP, UKRC reg. Post-graduate Diploma in counselling, BACP accredited

My professional experience:

I have had a private practice for over 15 years, as well as providing the counselling service to GP practices in the NHS. I manage a psychotherapy and counselling centre, “Sulis Practice”, in Bath and work there two days a week while also working at Nightingale Hospital London, which I joined in 2013.

My personal statement:

Whatever the problem that you, the client, present, I work with the whole person: together we explore how you experience yourself in relation to others, to the problem, to your values, as well as to me, the therapist. We place the problem – whether depression, eating disorders etc. – in the context of your ‘world view’ with its underlying attitudes and ways of interpreting the significance of relationships and events. This process invariably takes you back to your childhood when you were dependent on others. This is not to attribute blame, but to understand what influences helped shape you in your early years of development and which still live on in you today. Essentially, the problem does not stand alone but is an aspect of the way you see yourself and your relationship to others.

This therapeutic approach is best suited to those who welcome working collaboratively and are open to being reflective and curious about themselves.

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