Elie Jesner, Mental Health Therapist

Elie Jesner

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • UKCP Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
  • Member of the Philadelphia Association
  • MA Philosophy – Cambridge University
  • MA Philosophy – Warwick University

My professional experience:

I have worked in leadership roles with people throughout my varied professional life, including time in the business world – Financial Markets and tech start-up – and educational environments – teaching in adult education and secondary school.

I have been seeing people for psychotherapy for several years in private practice, and have treated a wide variety of individuals for depression, anxiety, loss and relationship troubles. My approach to therapy is broad, and I bring all of my experience to every piece of work I do, tailoring the specific approach and treatment to the unique individual in front of me.

As well as my psychoanalytic training, I have studied religion and philosophy full time for 7 years. All of this enables me to work particularly well with people from varied faith backgrounds, or those who feel that their troubles have a moral, philosophical or existential angle.

I am a robust and confident individual, and relish the chance to do challenging and thought provoking work with a wide variety of clients.

My personal statement:

My practice draws on the psychoanalytic and existential traditions. It might be described as psychodynamic, integrative, humanistic or person-centred. I also apply the techniques of MBT (mentalisation based therapy) as recommended for Borderline Personality Disorder and DIT (Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy) as recommended for short term work with depression and anxiety.

My work aims at a deep exploration of a patient’s mental world but is also mindful of the need to offer immediate strategies for the relief of symptoms. It is predicated on the belief that long term improvement is based on an improvement in the patient’s capacity to reflect upon and understand their own emotions and relationship patterns.

It also explores issues of culture and identity, paying attention to the way the individual perceives and thinks about their world on the basis of their upbringing and education.

My patients will typically have an interest in probing their situation in more depth, having perhaps tried working in other modalities or with other therapists without full success.

They will often be looking for someone who will push and probe them, feeling that they have kept other therapists at bay with their strategies of avoidance.

They will often be successful and/or of above average intelligence and will look to be respected and treated accordingly.

Patients in the City will be interested in the fact that I had a previous career as a Trader, and will feel that this allows me to understand their situation and its pressures better.

Additional information about my research, publications and interests:

My publications thus far have touched upon the interface between psychoanalysis, religion and politics, and have appeared in Ha’aretz, The Times of Israel, The Forward and the Jewish Chronicle. Videos of my public lectures on these themes are available online. I am currently editing two manuscripts for book publication, both related to psychoanalytic and philosophical readings of religion.

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