Dr Stephen Pereira Consultant Psychiatric at Nightingale Hospital private mental health hospital

Dr Stephen Pereira

Consultant Psychiatrist, CBT Specialist

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • MD
  • FRCPsych
  • DPM
  • MSc
  • MBBS
  • Diploma in Cognitive Therapy (Oxon)

My professional experience:

With 26 years of experience in Psychiatry and 30 years experience in Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy (CBT) , I trained at the Institute of Psychiatry in Behaviour Therapy and at Oxford in Cognitive Therapy (which has a worldwide reputation in this area). I am also Chairman of NAPICU (Napicu.org.uk) which formulates National Standards of Clinical Excellence in Intensive Care Psychiatry and Severe Mental Disorders. I have over 20 years of experience in dealing with the whole spectrum of mental wellbeing issues in the ‘City Financial District’ and those affecting high achieving individuals in politics, film, media, fashion and music. I am one of a very few Consultant Psychiatrists (medically trained) who also have been formally trained in CBT.

My personal statement:

I work in a very collaborative way with patients. My philosophy of care is to simply ‘empower’ patients with knowledge, education, skills, tools to understand and recover from their current state of distress and very importantly to learn how to minimise chances of a relapse or recurrence of the same issues. I use psychological approaches, but also pharmacological if appropriate. I help patients to “meaningfully understand, make peace, develop insight and let go of the past – to be precise, clear, connected, resourceful, calm and engaged with the present, in order to release mental space, energy and contentment for the future”. This underpins my treatment approach.

Additional information about my research, publications and interests:

Developed National PICU Minimum Standards in Child/Adolescents – 2014 Napicu.

Under my chairmanship, the NAPICU (National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units) membership has increased to 130 Trusts and the first International Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care launched in February 2005.

I have co-authored the first worldwide textbook on Psychiatric Intensive Care, which is currently in its 3rd Edition, Cambridge University Press. I have also developed two educational courses; a Masters Diploma certificate in Psychiatric Intensive Care with NAPICU and Southbank University, the first of its kind internationally and a psychiatric intensive care module for the MSc in Mental Health studies at Kings College.

34 original research publications since 1989.

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