Professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships

  • MB, ChB,
  • PhD in Neuroscience
  • Swedish Board of Psychiatry
  • Member of the Royal College of Psychiatry

Professional experience

Dr Najem Al-Falahe has been working in the mental health sector since 1994 in Sweden, U.K. and as an adviser in several Arabic countries. He has extensive experience in basic research, applied research and each of the four clinical settings in medicine: family medicine, neurology, neurophysiology and psychiatry.

Dr Najem Al-Falahe PhD thesis focused on the impact of human behaviour on changes in brain activity. His work at the Karolinska Nobel hospital was mainly focused on the research and treatment of bipolar affective disorders at the world-leading bipolar centre. The centre has a capacity of 1200 outpatients with inpatient facilities addressing the need of bipolar patients during crisis and recovery. He also worked at the Bipolar centre at Oxford University Hospital.

Dr Najem Al-Falahe is the UK Chief investigator for the BRIDGE screening programme. The purpose of this study was to screen patients with depression who might suffer from concealed bipolar illnesses. 5564 patients were screened worldwide. This study has an impact on the definition and diagnosis of the Bipolar Affective Spectrum.

He also teaches medical students, supervise junior doctors and mentor new consultant psychiatrists. He was awarded a prize by the Swedish Medical Association for his work in helping overseas doctors to efficiently integrate into the Swedish health system.

Personal statement:

Dr Al Falahe’s philosophy is to listen in depth to each client’s circumstances and personal story to gain a complete picture of their situation. He may need to enquire about issues surrounding dietary intake, family and work, together with identifying how each patient interacts with their community. He takes into consideration their ability, alongside their biological, psychological and social needs. These discussions will be confidential working towards creating an individual treatment plan. Dr Al Falahe’s aim is to create a holistic treatment plan in order to empower each patient to feel in control of and contribute to their own recovery. He works with the patient to achieve their full potential.

Dr Najem Al Falahe is interested in the impact of stress on wellbeing. Usually, it is the cause of anxiety, panic attacks and depression, but his research shows it can also trigger hypomanic and manic episodes. He uses a holistic approach to deal with psychosomatic symptoms effectively.

In parallel to working at Nightingale Hospital, Dr Al Falahe is the Medical Director of the Green Door Clinic in the Harley Street medical area. His involvement in research enables him to incorporate the latest advances in medicine and psychiatry in the treatment plan, e.g. using Ketamine in the medical plan of clients with previously treatment-resistant depression.

Additional information about research, publications and interests

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