Dr Eva Katona, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Eva Katona

Consultant Psychiatrist, General Psychiatrist, Drug and Alcohol Addiction

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • 1973 Semmelweis Medical School, Budapest/Hungary; MD, Summa cum Laude
  • 1978 – MRCPsych equivalent
  • 1991 – Postgraduate Diploma in Substance Misuse Research at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore / USA – funded by National Institute of Drug Addictions (NIDA)/USA
  • Member of the British Medical Association (BMA)
  • Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych)
  • Member of the Society for the Study of Addictions (SSA)
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists Representative to AAC (Consultant Appointing Panel)
  • Appraiser for NHS Trust

My professional experience:

I have been working as a psychiatrist specialising in addictions for over 41 years; half of it in Hungary where I headed the emerging addiction treatment service in the 1980s and gained experience and later international recognition for my work. The other half I have spent in the UK with NHS addictions services treating individuals with dependence problems often combined with various types of mental disorders. I trained dozens of excellent psychiatrists; lectured widely for both undergraduates and postgraduates at Imperial College; did some research and treated a great number of individuals, some of them over many years. I can say that I have been assisting ‘addiction science and practice’ almost from its cradle up to the present time.

My personal statement:

I work with the same enthusiasm, curiosity and excitement today as 40 years ago; every day brings new experiences through my encounters with various individuals seeking help. I apply the knowledge and experience I have gained and approach the individual who seeks help with empathy and undivided attention. I have never lost my belief both in the individual and myself and my trust in science. My approach is holistic: taking into account the individual and their world with all its facets. My treatment methods are flexible, combining pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions through individualised planning; I am reflective and confident working with my patients in achieving the needed and mutually agreed changes in their lives.

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