Nightingale Hospital is the first step into the UK for mental disorders specialist Groupe Sinoué

Florence Nightingale Hospitals Ltd, the UK subsidiary of the Swedish-based Capio Groupe, a pan-European healthcare provider, today announces that it has been sold to the French company, Groupe Sinoué, a private mental health care specialist. Nightingale Hospital, London’s leading independent mental health hospital will continue delivering the highest quality care from its newly refurbished Marylebone site and strive under this new partnership to deliver state of the art and innovative care solutions to its patients.

Nightingale Hospital was an attractive proposition for Groupe Sinoué; the hospital has achieved over 20% sales growth in the past 4 years and it will account for a quarter of the Groupe Sinoué turnover. The acquisition of Florence Nightingale Hospitals Ltd will be the first UK venture for the Group, founded in 1989 by consultant psychiatrist Dr Philippe Clery-Melin, who is now the President of the company that has eight hospitals in France, delivering the full spectrum of psychiatric care.

Nightingale Hospital is dedicated to patient-centered care, a focus that will not change following the sale. The hospital will continue its excellent work in responding to the growing demand for mental health care that is tailored to the needs of individual patients. Groupe Sinoué have expressed support to the continuation of developing Nightingale’s portfolio of treatment centres and programmes, in addition to its core services of general and adolescent psychiatry, eating disorders and addictions. As a result of the sale, the hospital will rebrand over a six month period as Nightingale Hospital from Capio Nightingale Hospital.

Dr Philippe Clery-Melin of Groupe Sinoué said: “This acquisition of Florence Nightingale Hospitals Ltd is a fantastic opportunity for Groupe Sinoué as our first venture into the UK. Nightingale Hospital is renowned for its expertise in mental health care and with many leading consultants the hospital is an ideal complement to our existing clinics. It also represents a great opportunity for our consultants and professionals to cooperate with Nightingale’s expert team over new care programs and clinical innovation”.

Martin Thomas, Managing Director of Florence Nightingale Hospitals Ltd said, We are really excited with this opportunity of further investment in the UK mental health market and are looking forward to a transition of ownership to Groupe Sinoué whose core values, culture and expertise are akin to our own. The hospital will continue on its path of offering personalised, high quality care to its patients, who will also benefit by this new venture.

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