Weight Management and Obesity

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Weight Management and Obesity

Recent reports suggest that we are in the midst of an obesity pandemic, with speculation that as many as half of all UK men and 40% of women could be obese by 2030. The consequences of obesity include Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, hypertension, liver disease, sleep apnoea and osteoarthritis.

Our treatment approach for Obesity

Nightingale Hospital London has launched a dedicated obesity and weight management treatment service that will use a pioneering programme of psychological treatment to address the underlying causes and triggers of over-eating, obesity and weight management problems and can offer you a much needed non-invasive, non-surgical, long-term solution. The obesity treatment programme has been developed for those who are considered clinically obese or overweight. As well as being of benefit to people who have recently been identified as needing to change their habits and lifestyle, the service would also be of great benefit to people who:

  • Exhibit emotional issues with food
  • Feel they have tried everything and repeatedly failed to lose weight
  • Have achieved weight loss in the past but struggle to maintain this
  • Are considering bariatric surgery as a route to weight loss
  • Have had surgery and now wish to address their psychological issues

The obesity and weight management treatment focuses on the promotion of weight loss and achievement of your personal goals by:

  • The adoption of behaviours that encourage good health
  • Address your struggles with self image that have blocked past recovery and weight management
  • Work on your diet and build a healthy relationship with food
  • Work on your entrenched beliefs, attitudes, rules and assumptions that have contributed to your unhealthy relationship with self and dysfunctional behaviours around food and life
  • Address your emotional eating and work on dealing with these emotions in a healthy manner
  • Build self care, self regulation, self empowerment and self values
  • Work with you on a maintenance plan for the future to reduce the chance of relapse

Obesity and Weight Management Treatment tailored to you

Following an initial assessment and consultation, obesity treatment will be individually tailored to your needs, with a programme of individual therapies prescribed including:

  • Consultant psychiatrist follow-up
  • Psychological assessment (1 x 2hr session)
  • 20 x psychotherapy sessions covering core aspects of psychological treatment, i.e. development of behaviours that encourage good health including structured eating, exercise and a self-care routine; nutritional rehabilitation; body image issues; emotional resilience; and relapse prevention
  • 1 x dietician assessment and 3 x follow up sessions
  • 4 x personal trainer sessions
  • The provision of a personalised work book, food diaries and hand-outs
  • Maintenance modules and follow up support following the initial treatment programme

The new obesity and weight management treatment will be put into practice by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of obesity specialists; clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, dieticians and consultant psychiatrists.

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