Is your smartphone making you stupid?

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The Times Online – 25 February 2017

Psychologists say that not only are phones shortening our attention spans, they are also changing our brains

We reach for your smartphone as soon as we wake; Twitter, Facebook, emails. If we have an appointment, straight to Google maps and we arrive without having a clue where an earth we are! We can’t recall simple details, but there’s no need — they’re a tap away…….

Dr Richard Graham, a consultant psychiatrist and technology addiction specialist at the Nightingale Hospital in London comments that although it may have caused relationship disputes on every journey, but navigating with the London A-Z was a valuable mental exercise. “Being able to imagine that route in your mind and transplant virtually what you saw — there’s a lot of mental work going on.”

He cites a 2006 University College London study, which found that London taxi drivers had large hippocampuses — the brain area associated with long-term memory and spatial awareness — because “the knowledge” was such a feat of recall.

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