Mental Health Weekly News – August 29th 2014

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Research from Deakin University in Australia found that people with fatty and sugary diets are more likely to suffer from depression, BBC News reported this week. Some governments are beginning to take action based on these findings, for example the US Department of Defence who are funding a trial delivering healthy foods to veterans to see if this can reduce suicide rates.

Depression care has also been in the media this week, with Edinburgh and Oxford University researchers finding that 75% of those suffering with depression that had cancer did not receive treatment. This has been attributed to some key factors, including professionals not picking up on symptoms, and individuals not considering seeking help for their problems.

Body image

The Telegraph reported on the happiness index, which found that British schoolchildren are more worried about body image than their peers overseas. The piece debates if a Miss Britain beauty pageant for 11 year olds could provide the answer to self-esteem issues.


Research carried out by the American Academy of Paediatrics has recommended a start time of at least 8:30am in schools. This delayed start time could cut down the issues associated with lack of sleep, which has been linked to poor health and a lack of concentration.

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