Meet the team: Nightingale Hospital’s Safety and Compliance Manager

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Meet the team: Nightingale Hospital’s Safety and Compliance Manager

Can you imagine a working world without any rules and regulations?

Chaos would be the order of the day, and running the hospital would be impossible.

All hospitals have to comply with the regulations specific to their service, and as the Compliance Manager I am here to carry out the critical task of making sure this happens.

Ensuring what we say we deliver we do!

I ensure that policies and procedures are followed, kept up-to-date and in line with legislation, helping the hospital  carry out the delivery of the services in a legal, professional and ethical manner.

Since mainly tasked with managing risk, the I monitor almost all activities within the hospital.

The compliance manager’s work requires attention to detail, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. It is said these are a few of my strengths.

The job is rewarding and it helps to safeguard the hospital from risk and ensures both compliance and productivity.

Written by Lesley Galasso 

Safety and Compliance Manager

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