What the Digital Resistance Movement Might Look Like

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VICE – 16 May 2017

Dr Richard Graham is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with London’s Nightingale Hospital. Around 12 years ago he began dealing with unprecedented cases of young people suffering with mental health issues as a result of excessive technology use. In 2010 he launched the UK’s first specialist service for technology addiction, and in the years since he has become a leading expert on dependency and rehabilitation.

We all know technology is making us miserable but haven’t worked out a solution. Now the biggest counter-culture movement since vegetarianism is forming.

When VICE spoke to Dr Richard Graham, he agreed our relationship with technology is fraught, but is less sure we’ve reached a breaking point. “I don’t think we know what our limits are yet,” he explains. “I started out in the era of a single platform. Now it’s wearables, hearables. It’s so entwined, it’s far more complex.”

Dr Richard Graham believes current generations have to think seriously about our future relationship with technology. That said, he doesn’t think abstinence is the way forward, rather that the focus should be on equipping the next generation to “develop the internet in an ethical way”. However, he agrees that a cultural shift in some form is likely. “I expect we’ll see tribes who go down that route,” he suggests, “parents seeking schools where the iPad in the nursery is withheld.”

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