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New Year Happiness Tips


Blackmore Vale Magazine –  31 December 2014 – ‘Top 15 tips for a Happy New Year’

Dr Mo Zoha of Nightingale Hospital explains that: “Happier people tend to experience the same number of positive and negative events during their lives as those who are less happy, but they are more likely to interpret those events in a positive light. There are many things that we can all do to increase our happiness, regardless of life’s circumstances. My top 15 tips for achieving happiness in 2015 are:

1. Money – does money buy you happiness? Those that spend their time and efforts seeking love rather than more money tend to be happier, particularly once they earn enough to pay for necessities. Focus on nurturing relationships rather than earning money in 2015

2. Enjoy the moment: Older people tend to be happier. It is thought that they are better at living in the present and better at controlling emotions, which we can all strive to achieve

3. Work makes you happier. It provides routine, structure and self-worth. Make sure you are in a job you enjoy. If you are not, make finding one that you do a priority for this year

4. Independence: Personal control in work makes you happier; there is better life satisfaction for those earning less but in control of their working practice than those who are richer but have less control

5. Relationships: Those with close relationships are happiest – try to see friends and family more in the New Year

6. Friendships: Research shows the closer people live to their friends, the happier they are – make new friends close to where you live. Get to know your neighbours better, try joining sports groups or taking up a hobby close to your home

7. Play to your strengths: Identifying your strengths and focus on developing these, either in work or a hobby. This will encourage you to become immersed in what you do and find life more gratifying

8. Altruism: It is proven to help focus beyond ourselves and enable us to be more connected with the world around us. In 2015, finding local charities, sports clubs or community organisations where you can donate your time, you might even start new friendships with local people

9. Be kind: Set yourself a weekly target for acts of kindness for friends, family, colleagues and strangers on the street. This will further increase your connection to the outside world

10. Focus on the positives: Improving happiness levels can depend on how we focus our attention – being attentive and focusing on one positive task helps us to enjoy the moment

11. Positive memory: Those who are happier remember bad events in a more positive light – it is possible to focus on particular aspects of a memory to notice the positives more than negatives

12. Gratitude diary: You can retrain your mind to focus on the good things that happen rather than the bad, as well as stopping taking your blessings for granted by keeping a gratitude diary. Every day for 6 weeks jot down 5 things that happened that day for which you are grateful

13. Meditate: Regular meditation can help with positive mental health

14. Say ‘thank you’: Expressing your gratitude for someone’s actions is the single most effective exercise in positive psychology. Saying thank you to even small acts and gestures will help improve gratitude levels

15. Use technology less: The less time you spend on using technology, the more you can carry out activities that help you engage with the world around you”

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