Alcohol addiction – the true facts

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Capio Nightingale

Common signs of alcohol addiction

  • Loss of control
  • A rise in tolerance to alcohol
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shakes, nausea, anxiety
  • Continuing to drink despite negative consequences

It is difficult to be certain when someone has gone from ‘heavy drinker’ to ‘alcohol addiction’. A guide can be some of the below symptoms following four hours without drink:

  • Feeling worried, anxious or agitated
  • Planning how you will get hold of a drink
  • Tremors or sweating excessively

The Patient Services Team at Nightingale Hospital give the following advice to help if you feel your alcohol drinking is becoming out of control:

  • Contact your GP
  • Get private treatment
  • Call Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to find a local meeting
  • Attend NHS programmes
  • Arrange to see a therapist who specialises in alcohol addiction
  • If an inpatient detox is required approach your GP. This can be funded by the NHS, medical insurance or self pay

Please view our information of alcohol addiction and approach to addiction therapies or get in contact if you would like some advice.

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