Get The Gloss – 18 January 2015 – Is This Baby Blues Or Postnatal Depression

Between sleep deprivation, hormones and big life changes, new mums find themselves in tears a lot. But when should you see a doctor? The UK’s leading expert, Dr Michael Craig, advises Emma Bartley

When I spoke to the “gynaechiatrist” Dr Michael Craig, a psychiatrist with a background in gynaecology and a particular interest in how hormonal change affects mental health, I had a lot of questions for him, but they all amounted to the same thing. Am I depressed, or just a new mother?

…I trust Dr Craig, a clinical psychiatrist at two London hospitals – the Nightingale, where he has pioneered depression treatments such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), and the Maudsley, where he is clinical lead of the female hormone clinic.

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