The Debrief – 24 May 2017

Dr Deba Choudhury-Peters, Chartered Clinical Psychologist at Nightingale Hospital, comments on concerns about anxiety disorders at university. As a psychologist, Deba works with a wide range of psychological and psychiatric conditions including anxiety disorders. Anxiety creates feeling of stress but it is a normal human feeling when in a threatening or difficult situation. More and more young people are experiencing anxiety and this has been found to be especially the case in universities in the UK.

Young people facing anxiety feelings
We all know that young people are facing more difficulties today than in recent years. They often start their adult life with large student loans due to high tuition fees, the cost of living and buying a house are getting higher and the pressure of social media, we are seeing the effects of.

How to deal with anxiety feelings
Dr Deba Choudhury-Peters, explains in an article in the Debrief journal that people need to engage with negative feelings in order to take care of themselves. Feelings of anxiety which we may all experience can however become too strong or go on for too long. If you find these feelings of anxiety are preventing you from doing things you want to, are making your life miserable or happening most of the time without you knowing the cause, it is time to seek anxiety treatment.

‘Teenagers and adults have a tendency to avoid particularly distressing feelings, but it is important to increase your awareness of how you experience anxiety in your body, for example palpitations or discomfort in your tummy, which will help you manage it. Holding on to anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed. It is important to speak to family, friends or someone you trust about how you’re feeling and what is distressing you.’

Treatments for anxiety
There are two types of treatment available for anxiety: talking therapies and medication. Psychotherapy or counselling can help you understand and come to terms with your anxieties and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you learn more positive emotional and behavioural responses to situations and feelings that bring on your anxiety.

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