Addictions Evening Programme

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Addictions Evening Programme

We are running evening group sessions dealing with the problems that alcohol, drugs, gambling  and other addictions can cause.

About alcohol addictions

Alcohol in moderation is a relaxant and social lubricant, but when used excessively it can easily become a problem. You might find yourself no longer being able to enjoy normal, everyday activities and instead turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Alcohol may have also started to result in significant and recurrent adverse consequences, such as physical health problems, poor work performance and relationship problems.

If you feel you are at this stage, it is recommended you seek help and address the problem before it progresses and becomes more difficult to tackle.

About drugs addictions

Drug taking is initially voluntary and often a source of excitement and pleasure. However, it can sometimes become compulsive or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences. This can also be the case with prescription medication, and often their overuse is justified by rationalising the medical necessity whilst underplaying the excessive amounts taken. In addition to this, over-the-counter medication can become a problem if the amounts being taken are starting to have an impact on daily functioning.

Drug dependency is treatable and can be successfully managed with the right support.

About other addictions

Most people are able to identify an alcohol or drug problem. However, it is also possible for a person to develop a behavioural or process addiction. These are similar to substance addictions in that the person becomes dependent on the pleasurable feelings that certain behaviours (e.g. gambling) provide. This can then lead to the person compulsively repeating that behaviour to reach that same effect over and over.

Some of the behaviours that can become addictive include technology (internet, social media, video games), exercise, work, love and relationships, food and eating, pornography and masturbation, sex, shopping or overspending, gambling, etc.

How can the evening programme help me?

Abuse of alcohol, drugs, gambling and other behaviours can cause difficulties in your life and with those around you, but it is possible to recover from these problems with professional support, even if you have tried to tackle these previously.

At Nightingale Hospital, we believe that these problems are behaviours that can be changed once you have gained insight into them and learned alternate coping mechanisms. We recognise how difficult it is to change, so in the short term we will work closely with you to arrest these behaviours and stop the cycle of abuse.

Treatment and therapy from our specialist multidisciplinary team can help you move into permanent recovery.

The treatment approach

Research has proven that Group Therapy is the most effective treatment model for alcohol, drug, gambling and other addiction problems. Many people are anxious about group therapy, and they might be reticent to talk about personal matters in front of what are initially, strangers. This is a natural reaction, but what is often overlooked is that everybody in the group has the same problems, therefore they are not strangers in that respect. Group members can benefit enormously from being with others in a similar situation. Furthermore, it aims to educate and motivate, and to relearn how to cope with difficult situations without resorting to negative behaviours.

Useful information about the program

This evening programme is aimed at people whose condition is not severe enough to warrant an inpatient stay or day attendance, and who wish to continue working whilst undergoing treatment – and for those who have limited time availability.

It is an 8-week rolling programme, which means you can join at any point. It is recommended that at least 8 weeks are attended to gain a maximum benefit. It runs on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to 8.45pm.

How can I attend the programme?

Your Consultant Psychiatrist or GP can refer you or you can self-refer. You will attend a free assessment with one of our Addictions therapists to discuss the programme, guidelines, attendance and payment options.


The  cost  per  evening  is  of  £190, and  this  includes  a free assessment   with one  of  our  addictions  therapists  prior  to the commencement of the programme.

Private medical insurers are currently not covering this programme.

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“When you have a problem and you drink, take drugs or gamble, the problem won’t go away. Stay and tackle the problem”