Help a loved one

You may feel frustrated that you cannot take away the feelings your loved one is struggling with but we are here to give information, advice and support you in helping them. We know how difficult it can be for the family and friends of someone who has an addiction, emotional problem, eating disorder or other condition such as depression, anxiety, stress and trauma. Our depth of clinical expertise and breadth of professional experience means you can be sure that Nightingale Hospital London is able to help, confidentially and discreetly at all times. If your loved one is hesitant about accepting the need for help you can reassure them that we will not pressure them in any way.

Please call our Patient Services Team on 020 7535 7732 to discuss the different treatment options available and how to access treatment. Or if you would prefer, please complete an online enquiry form.

For those of you with someone already in our care, we encourage you to become involved in their care plan, as we believe this really helps them to overcome their issues. We also have a support group available to friends and family – we look forward to welcoming you.

Family Support Group

Nightingale Hospital runs a free Family Support Group for families of Eating Disorder and Addiction patients. Eating Disorders and Addictions are often said to be a family disease, as it drastically affects not only the person with the problem, it also overturns the emotions and lives of those close by. Friends and family of the sufferer often blame themselves, going through a range of emotions from despair to anger, leaving them feeling exhausted and helpless and less able to cope. This group offers the support and experiences of other people who are going through the same crisis.

Family Therapy

We also offer Family Therapy for individual families which addresses issues specific to your family. In this kind of therapy, the therapist acts as a catalyst for family members to air feelings and clarify, express and verbalise their needs within the family structure. Through the support provided by the counsellor, participants become aware of how other members of the family experience situations and develop healthier and more constructive ways of communicating with one another and help you move forward together. To find out more about the Family Support Group or Family Therapy please complete an enquiry form or call 020 7535 7700 to book an appointment.

“We have had a few patients referred at very short notice and the team at Nightingale have been excellent in facilitating assessments and admissions. We have also had helpful reports sent back to us to assist in managing the patient from an OH perspective. Without reports our work is very difficult as we need impartial expert advice, this is reliably good in my experience from the Nightingale doctors.”

Occupational Health Manager, Central London