Do I need to see a Consultant or a Therapist?

Confused as to whether you need to see a Consultant Psychiatrist or a therapist? Hopefully the below will help you clarify what is best for you, but if you are still unsure and would like to speak to someone please call our Admissions and Enquiries Department on 020 7535 7732 confidentially.

Most of our treatments at Nightingale Hospital London are Consultant Psychiatrist led but if you need bereavement or couples counselling then you may well not need to see a psychiatrist first.

Your GP may refer you onto specific therapy for example Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, again in this case if treatment goes well you may not need to see a Psychiatrist.

If at any point through therapy your therapist feels you may need further support they will discuss with you the need to see a psychiatrist. This could be due to investigating whether medication is required to support your treatment.

Your payment method may also determine whether you need to see a Consultant Psychiatrist as many insurance policies require this before referral onto therapy.