National Unplugging Day 2017

22 June 2017

National Unplugging Day is taking place on Sunday 25 June 2017. This is a campaign to persuade people to go gadget free for one day, spending the entire day without technology.

Dr Richard Graham is the technology addiction lead and consultant adolescent psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital, London’s leading private mental health hospital. Nightingale Hospital set up the UK’s first technology addiction centre in 2010 to help people establish healthy relationships with their smart phones and other devices.

While the rise of social media has undoubtedly improved interconnectivity and the supply of information, its function as a lifestyle necessity has exacerbated social pressures. This, in combination with an image-driven ‘selfie’ culture is fast changing people’s day to day lives.

What are the consequences of technology addiction?

The benefits of the technologies we all use on a daily basis are clear to see. However, in a short period of time the world we all inhabit has drastically changed and we have had little time to adapt. Unfortunately unhealthy relationships with technology such as phones, computers and games can cause destructive consequences; physically and psychologically.

How is technology addiction treated?

Our approach to treating Technology Addiction combines individual programmes with therapies that are based on current clinical evidence. The three core elements are:

  • Interpersonal Therapy giving the emphasis on Interpersonal Sensitivity and how this relates to discomfort in face-to-face time with others.
  • Tech Hygiene in which the meaning of your relationship to technology is explored whether a phone, a game or social media platform such as Facebook. This is supported by other therapies including CBT, Relaxation and Sleep Therapy which work on managing the energy or level of arousal that follows prolonged gaming and focuses on how to ‘Switch Off and Disconnect’.
  • Life Skills and Health to look after the body and feel good within it. Prolonged periods of Technology Addiction compromise confidence in facing the demands of life in the external world but also physically where individuals may suffer poor nutrition and a lack of physical activity.

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