What are your feelings about Technology?

Grazia – 26 June 2017

The newspaper Grazia recently conducted a survey on technology usage. They asked 1000 of their readers and the results shows that many of us are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from being connected 24/7.

Indeed, technology can have a negative impact on mental health, pressure a reshape of human interactions and force individuals to show a perfect life on social media.

The impact of technology addiction
Being overly connected can cause psychological issues such as distraction, narcissism, expectation of instant gratification, and even depression. We are more technologically connected, but we have less human connection than ever.

Being lonely in the digital space
Dr Richard Graham, consultant psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital and a technology addiction specialist, says that it’s not just sex that is suffering,

‘A lot of what makes us happy is about doing good things for other people and our partners. When we’re idly staring at our phone and scrolling through updates and notifications we’re turning away from other people. Bit by bit everyone ends up in a rather lonely digital space.’

Technology addiction treatment
It’s clear that technology is not all good all the time. In response to this, Nightingale Hospital have launched the first Technology Addiction Service – the underlying principles being to increase off-screen social activities and develop strategies to deal with online problems, especially cyber-bullying.

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