Digital detox activities in schools

The Guardian – 24 June 2017

A few schools in the UK decided to add Chess to the curriculum facing short concentration issues from their pupils. It is also an effective solution to reduce digital addictions.

How Chess can help technology addiction?
The reason being, that schools want to encourage their pupil to sit down and think hard. It will help developing problem solving skills and improve their concentration instead of using the help of new technologies to obtain instant answer.

Richard Graham, consultant child psychiatrist at London’s Nightingale Hospital, believes that the use of chess in the curriculum shows how schools are increasingly trying to develop “real pleasure and engagement in activities that are offline”.

According to him, the competitive elements of the game make it popular among the kids:

“You’ve got really interesting pieces – like the knight, with its unusual moves – and there’s power in the sense of the king and queen. All of these elements bring excitement and engagement.”

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