Initial Disscussion

The majority of our treatments at Nightingale Hospital London are Consultant Psychiatrist led. Initially most people make an appointment with one of our Consultant Psychiatrists who will discuss and determine the best treatment plan to suit the patient’s needs. For self-pay patients the cost of the initial appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist is approximately £350, depending on which Consultant is seen, and usually lasts an hour.

In some circumstances however an individual may be referred directly by their GP for a specific therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), bereavement counselling or couples counselling. In this case you may not need an initial assessment with a psychiatrist but one of our therapy team instead. They will then work with you on a tailor-made care plan.

We recommend that it is in the best interests of patients in either circumstance for there to be a GP referral, as it can be useful in providing relevant medical history.

If you have any questions at all you can speak confidentially to our Patient Services Team on 0207 535 7732 / 7751.

“Nightingale hospital provides an excellent service for both inpatients and outpatients or just one off consultations; a wide range of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists covering more or less all aspects of mental health are available and provide a top class, highly professional service.”

Dr Michaela Schuhwerk, GP, Knightsbridge Doctors